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NHRA Tech 101 Q & A - Archive Postings...

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Question:  Can I run my exhaust through the front corners of my driver’s compartment then to the outside of the car? 

Exhaust Pipe Everett

Answer:  As of 2013 you are not allowed to run any of the exhaust system through the driver’s compartment.  There is new wording in the 2013 NHRA Rulebook, General Regulations, page 3, 1:3 Exhaust, it states “No part of the exhaust system may be routed through the driver’s compartment.”

(Posted 02/19/2013)

Question:  I have a full-bodied car 1964 Falcon that I run in Super Pro.  I would like to add a finish line “beam breaker” in front of the bumper.  What rules will I need to follow?

 Beam Breaker Betty

Answer:  As of 2013 you are not allowed to add a beam breaker in front of your bumper.  There is new wording in the 2013 NHRA Rulebook, General Regulations, page 18, 4:5 Ground Clearance it states “the installation of a “beam breaker” in front of the body is restricted to extending no farther forward than the body or bumper and must also satisfy the 3-inch ground clearance requirement.”

(Posted 02/12/2013)

Question:  I was told that there is some new wording for 2013 on the requirement of dual parachutes?

 Parachute Pete

Answer:  Yes there was additional wording added for 2013 in the NHRA Rulebook, General Regulations Section 20, 4:8 Parachute, “Dual parachutes required for all cars running 200 mph or more.?

(Posted 02/05/2013)

Question:  One of my fellow racers said that there was new wording added to the automatic transmission locking dipstick tube rule for 2013.

 Dipstick Dave

Answer:  Yes there was additional wording added for 2013.  In the 2013 NHRA Rulebook, General Regulations Section 20, 2:14 Transmission, Automatic/NHRA-Accepted, the new added wording states “and dipstick/filler tubes must be securely fastened (i.e., bolted, aircraft clamped).  Wire ties, hose clamps, etc. prohibited

(Posted 01/29/2013)

Question:  Where would I look for 2013 NHRA Rulebook amendments?

 Rulebook Ralph

Answer: The best place to view 2013 NHRA Rulebook amendments is to go to nhraracer.com and then click on rules.  You will then be able to open different rulebook amendments for the NHRA Rulebook, Summit Jr Dragster Rulebook, Hot Rod Heritage Rulebook and the Exhibition Vehicle Rulebook

(Posted 01/22/2013)

Question:  I have a 1963 Ford Falcon Super Pro ET car that I race at my local NHRA track.  I want to know if the new aftermarket water-methanol injection is legal to use with my nitrous oxide system?

 Ford Falcon Frank

Answer:  Yes you can use an aftermarket water-methanol injection system. In the 2013 NHRA Rulebook, Section 4A, page 2, Induction, “Aftermarket water-methanol injection systems permitted. Must be installed and used per manufacturer’s instructions. Tank, pump, lines, etc. may not be mounted inside the driver compartment. When located inside trunk, a complete bulkhead of at least .024-inch steel or .032-inch aluminum is required to isolate driver compartment from trunk.”

(Posted 01/15/2013)

Question:  Is there a diagram you can email me on the proper way to mount SFI 16.1 seat belts in my Studebaker Pro ET car?

 Seat Belt Stu

Answer:  I have attached a diagram sheet on SFI seat belt installation.  You can also go to www.sfifoundation.com to see the same seat belt installation along with numerous other SFI information articles.

(Posted 01/08/2013)

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