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NHRA Tech 101 Q & A - Archive Postings...

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Question:  Is it legal to mount my car battery on the floor behind the passenger seat in my Pro E.T. Fairlane if I put it in a battery box?

 Battery Box Box

Answer:  No you may not.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook on page 6 of the Super Pro section it states “Batteries must be securely mounted, may not be located in drivers compartment.”

(Posted 10/16/2012)

Question:  By the NHRA rules I’m required to have SFI 16.1 seat belts in my full-bodied car that runs 11.20 in the 1/4-mile.  Is the crotch strap belt still required if I have OEM seat?

Seat Belt Suzy

Answer:  Yes it is.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook on page 40 of the General Regulations it states “A quick-release 3-inch drivers restraint system, with a 2-inch crotch strap, meeting SFI 16.1 is mandatory in all cars in competition required by the rules to have a roll bar or roll cage.”  In the photo on page 40 it also states “Crotch strap to go through seat and anchor behind chest line.  With OEM-type seat, crotch strap may route in front of seat.”

(Posted 10/09/2012)

Question:  I heard that there may have been a change in the helmet bar rule on Jr Dragsters?

 Helmet Bar Harold

 Answer:  No, there has not been a change in helmet bars in Jr Dragsters since 2008.  The 2012 NHRA Jr Dragster Rulebook states “Helmet bars (3/4-inch OD X .058-inch chromoly tubing or 3/4-inch X .083-inch mild steel, or 1/2-inch X .090-inch flat strap) are required between the secondary upper roll cage hoop and the upper roll cage rear braces on each side of the car.  If the center-to-center distance between the upper roll cage rear braces exceed 6 inches, then an additional helmet bar is required between the back braces.  The helmet bars are to be installed at a height above the shoulder hoop that will keep the driver’s helmet inside of the roll cage.”

(Posted 10/02/2012)

Question:  My NHRA/SFI Division 3 Tech Inspector bronze card will expire on 12/31/12.  Where will I be able to take the NHRA/SFI bronze test and get it renewed?

 Tech Inspector Tony

Answer:  Again for 2012 we have an exciting program planned for the NHRA/SFI Division 3 Tech Inspectors meeting.  The date is December 8, 2012 starting at 9 am.  We will be part of the IMIS (International Motorsports Industry Show) at the Indiana Convention Center, downtown Indianapolis.  Our meeting will be restricted to NHRA Member Track Tech Inspectors, NHRA Member Track Personnel, and Division 3 Certification Team Members.  NHRA/SFI testing will be after our meeting is completed around Noon.

The meeting room will be on the second floor of the convention center.  I’m in the process of lining up guest speakers from different manufacturers.  I will give you more details when we get closer to December 8. 

If you would like to attend the IMIS show Thursday, December 6, Friday, December 7 or Saturday, December 8 after our meeting you must register with the IMIS show online.  You can go to  www.imis-indy.com/AttRegistration.html to register.  In the business name box you would put your NHRA Member Track name and any NHRA Division 3 Certification Team member would put NHRA Division 3 Certification Team.  When you complete all fields click on submit.  IMIS show hours are 10am to 5pm on Thursday and Friday, 10am to 4pm on Saturday.

Our Division 3 Track Operator meetings, the Friday evening pit party and the Saturday evening “Land of the Winners” awards banquet are still at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites, Keystone at the Crossings.  Take advantage of special $91 NHRA room rate at the Sheraton.

(Posted 09/25/2012)

Question:  What items failed technical inspection at the 2012 Division 3 Summit Racing Series E. T. Finals?

 Summit Sam

Answer: I was hoping that the NHRA Division 3 SFI Tech Inspectors had all 700+ Summit Racing Series vehicles inspected and all items repaired before they came to Indianapolis.  But, the NHRA Division 3 Certification Team Members found the following items wrong.  The good thing is all but one was corrected.

6-missing transmission straps, 3-SFI Jacket or pants with holes, 3-expired SFI seat belts, 3-missing locking dipsticks, 2-non-SFI padding, 2-expired 2000 helmets, and 1-each of holes in SFI gloves, SFI 4.1 trans shield, SFI 30.1 flexplate shield, J-hook battery hold downs.

(Posted 09/18/2012)

Question:  What is the minimum clothing requirement for a street legal 16 second car?

Sandal Sandi

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook on page 43 of the General Regulations it states “the minimum requirements are as follows: full-length pants; short-or long-sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks.  No shorts.  No bare legs.  No bare torsos.  No tank tops.  No open-toe or open-heel shoes or sandals.  Synthetic clothing not recommended.”

(Posted 09/11/2012)

Question:  At what ET would I be required to have a locking dipstick on my automatic transmission?

 Dipstick David

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 14, 2:14 Transmission it states “All cars running 10.99 (*6.99) seconds and quicker must have an NHRA-accepted locking-type dipstick on the transmission.”

(Posted 08/28/2012)


Question:  I have increased the horsepower of my Pro ET 1978 Gremlin and it will run around 6.70 in the 1/8-mile.  I purchased a SFI 4.1 transmission shield and it came with a 3/4" wide steel strap that the instructions say should run under the transmission pan and bolt to the sides of the aluminum shield.  I don’t think this narrow strap will catch many parts if I break the transmission.  Do I need to put it on?

 Gremlin Glenn

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 14, 2:14 Transmission it states “All non-blanket-type shields must incorporate two (or one, per manufacturer’s instructions) 3/4 X1/8-inch straps that bolt to the shield on each side and pass under the transmission pan.”  The straps keep the shield from flying upwards in a planetary explosion.

(Posted 08/22/2012)

Question:  Can I position my delay box and throttle control in my Super Pro Camaro so that I can see it with my seat belt and helmet on?

 Camaro Craig

Answer: Yes you can.  In section 4A, page 7 of the 2012 NHRA Rulebook it states “Delay boxes/devices, throttle controllers, automatic shifter, etc. that provide on/off indications (based on time and/or rpm) may be located within the driver’s view.

(Posted 08/14/2012)

Question:  I have a fast street bike that I would like to take to my local NHRA track and run in the Test & Tune Bike night.  What rules do I need to follow just to make test & tune runs?

 Test-n-Tune Teresa

Answer: In section 4C, page 12 of the 2012 NHRA Rulebook it has rules for E. T. Motorcycle.  During test & tune or a competition race the E. T. Motorcycle rules must be followed.  If bike runs quicker than 9.99 in the 1/4-mile or 6.39 in the 1/8-mile a competition license is required.  Valid state or government issued driver’s license beyond learners permit level mandatory for riders of motorcycles 10.00 in the 1/4-mile or 6.40 in the 1/8-mile or slower.

(Posted 07/27/2012)


Question:  I’m finishing up my Son’s Jr Dragster and was not sure if I need any metal in front of his feet on the foot-box.

 Foot Box Phil

Answer: On page 41 of the 2012 NHRA Jr Dragster Rulebook Interior: 6, Foot-Box Bulkhead it states “All cars must be equipped with a bulkhead in front of the driver’s feet, minimum .024-inch steel, .032-inch aluminum, or .060-inch carbon fiber.  Bulkhead must be directly in front of or directly behind foot-box diagonal.”

(Posted 07/17/2012)


Question:  I’m going to race at the my local track and I would like to know if the delay box I have is legal for Super Street.  It is a Digital Delay 1014-SCR Crossover Plus with 4 Stage Timer and is not listed on the NHRA accepted products list.

 Delay Box Donnie

Answer: Manufacturing for the Digital Delay 1014-SCR Crossover with 4 Stage Timer was discontinued in 1997.  Therefore removed from the NHRA accepted products list on NHRAracer.com several years ago, however it is still legal to use and is considered grandfathered in.

(Posted 07/10/2012)

Question:  I’m mounting a new body on my Altered and it did not come with any type of windshield or windscreen.  Do I need to add one or can I run without?

Windshield Willy

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 31, 7:7 Windscreen, it states “On open-bodied cars, or any other class without windshield, a metal or other fireproof deflector must be installed.  Minimum size on Street Roadster and Altered class cars is 5 inches X 12 inches.”

(Posted 07/03/2012)

Question:  I would like to replace the heavy OEM seat in my 1985 Mustang Pro ET car with a new aftermarket seat.  What rules will I need to follow?

 New Seat Nettie

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 29, 6:2 Upholstery, Seat it states “The driver’s seat of any car in competition must be constructed, braced, mounted, and upholstered to provide full back and shoulder support.  The driver’s seat must be supported on the bottom and back by the frame or crossmember.  Seats must be bolted with four bolts (and nuts and washers) on the bottom and one bolt in the rear into the crossbar; all bolts must go into the frame or crossbraces.”

(Posted 06/26/2012)

Question:  What protective clothing will I need for my Ford Lighting truck that has an OEM supercharger?  I think it will run about 10.50 in the -mile.

Supercharger Sarah

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 4A, page 9, Protective Clothing it states in the third paragraph “10.00 (*6.40) to 11.49 (*7.49); all E.T. naturally aspirated, OEM supercharged, or turbocharged with a full OEM or .024-inch steel firewall: Jacket meeting SFI Spec 3.2A/1 mandatory.

(Posted 06/19/2012)

Question: I want to add a small video camera to my rollcage.  What are the mounting requirements?

Video Vic

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 38, Cameras, it states “Must be securely attached to the vehicle with appropriate fasteners.  May not be attached with suction cups, wire ties, hose clamps etc.  All mounting brackets, associated fasteners, hardware, etc. from the camera to the vehicle attachment point must be metal, no plastic or nonmetallic components permitted.”  Camera may not be intentionally directed at the racer in the other lane without NHRA permission.

(Posted 06/12/2012)

Question:  I’m finishing up my blown small block Chevy front engine dragster that I would like to run in Top Dragster.  Do I need a covering on the seat?

Front Engine Frank

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook Section 6B, page 8, Interior it state “For all front-engine open-bodied vehicles supercharged or turbocharged (gasoline or methanol-burning), a flame-retardant-material-covered seat is mandatory.”

(Posted 06/05/2012)

Question:  What are the rules for towing a Jr Dragster

Jumping Jr Jack

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Jr Dragster Rulebook Section 9 Support Group, page 44 it states “Anytime a Jr Dragster is being towed, the driver must be seated in the cockpit.  A fluorescent or brightly colored flag, attached to Jr Dragster anytime vehicle is towed, mandatory.  A Jr Dragster may not be pushed by any motorized vehicle.  Tow strap may not be attached to any portion of the roll cage.  A Jr Dragster may be towed with a front-end dolly as long as the front end is secured and the front wheels are elevated off the ground.”

(Posted 05/29/2012)

Question:  I will be running a high 10-second 32 Bantam at my local NHRA Member Track and I wanted to know if I need to wear arm restraints since it will not run quicker than 9.99.

 Arm Restraint Andi

Answer:  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook Section 4A, page 8, Driver 10, Arm Restraints, it states “Mandatory in open-bodied cars running 11.99 (*7.49) or quicker

(Posted 05/22/2012)

Question:  I want to add an Accu-sump system to my 8-second E.T. car.  Can I mount it on the inside of the passenger side firewall below the dash?  I would not need as much steel braided hose if I mounted it there.

 Accu-sump Alan

Answer:  No, you may not mount it in the driver’s compartment.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook on page 8 of the General Regulations section, 1:9 Oil System it states “Accu-sump , dry-sump tanks, oil filters, oil supply lines, etc. prohibited in driver’s compartment.”

(Posted 05/18/2012)

Question:  I have a 1957 Chevy that I’m building for the NHRA Super Street class.  I’m going to install fiberglass lift off doors.  Are there any special rules that I will need to follow.

Fiberglass Door Dave

Answer:  In section 7, Super Street, page 4, Body: 7 of the 2012 NHRA Rulebook it states “Door hinges on any lift-off door must have safety pins or locks.”  Also on page 5, Windscreen, Windows it states “Cars with top and windshield must be equipped with all windows.  All windshields and windows must be clear or factory-tinted safety glass or clear Plexiglas or other shatterproof material, 1/8-inch minimum thickness.”

(Posted 05/09/2012)

Question:  I have a slightly modified Snowmobile that I run at my local NHRA track in the motorcycle class.  I wanted to know if I could add a small nitrous oxide system to my sled?  I don’t believe it will run any quicker than 10.20 in the -mile with nitrous.

 Snowmobile Sarah

Answer: It is permitted for you to add a commercially available nitrous oxide system to your E.T. Snowmobile.  Commercially available, thermostatically controlled, blanket-type warmer accepted.  Any other external heating of bottle(s) prohibited

(Posted 05/01/2012)

Question:  I’m building a rear engine dragster for Super Comp and one of my crew members said that he thought my brake line needed to be run inside of tubing where it passes the engine.  Is this correct?  I will be using steel braided brake line.

 Brake Line Bobby

Answer: No, your crew member is not correct.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook, General Regulations, page 15, 3:1 Brakes it states “All brake lines on any rear-engine car must be protected inside tubing or be braided steel construction where they pass the engine.”

(Posted 04/24/2012)

Question:  Is there a requirement on the size of traction bar rod ends I can put on my Pro ET Ford Ranger truck?

Rod End Rodney

Answer: Yes there is, in the 2012 NHRA Rulebook in the General Regulations section, page 16, 3:5 Traction Bar Rod Ends it states “Minimum requirement for rod ends on the front of all ladder-bar traction bars is -inch steel.  A rod end strap to keep ladder bar secured in the event of rod end failure mandatory in all classes.  All traction devices that are not attached at front (i.e., slapper bars, etc.) must have U-bolt or strap to prevent them from coming in contact with track.”

(Posted 04/17/2012)

Question:  I was thinking about installing a removable steering wheel adapter on my Pro ET 1984 Chevette.  What NHRA rules would I need to follow? 

 Steering Wheel Scott

Answer: NHRA Classes 7.50 and quicker in the -mile require steering wheel hub to be certified as SFI 42.1.  For your Pro ET car in the 2012 NHRA Rulebook on page 15, 3:3 Steering in the General Regulations section it states “Commercially available quick-disconnect steering wheels permitted (except as noted in class requirements).  Adapter must be welded to shaft.  All fasteners must be of a positive nature; no roll or pressed pins, no ball-lock pins, set screws, etc.”

(Posted 04/10/2012)

Question:  I was thinking about running my Super Pro Pontiac GTO in the NHRA Super Street class.  I heard somewhere that I would need to put a diaper on the car, is this correct?

 Oil Pan Pete

Answer: You heard correctly.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook, Section 7 Super Street, page 2, Oil-Retention Device it states “All vehicles must utilize an NHRA-accepted lower oil-containment device; may use a belly pan in lieu of a device attached to the engine.  If belly pan is used, must extend from frame rail to frame rail and extend forward of the harmonic balancer and rearward to rear-engine plate and must incorporate a minimum 2-inch-high lip on all sides.  A nonflammable, oil-absorbent liner mandatory inside of retention device.”  DRE of Cerro Gordo, IL (217-454-5289) is a great place to buy these containment devices and a CCD Sponsor.  Please give Dennis Ridgway a chance to earn your business.  He's also the Super Pro series sponsor giving away a $25 gift certificate to each Super Pro Points Race winner.

(Posted 04/03/2012)

Question: I’m building a Pro ET 1984 Mustang that I think will run 11.30 in the 1/4 mile (7.30 1/8-mile).  I was thinking about running the original front wheels to start with and wanted to know if I use the OEM wheels will I be able to run the rubber valve stems?

 Valve Stem Vern

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook, General Regulations section 20 page 28, 5:1 Tires it states “Metal screw-in valve stems mandatory in tubeless tires, front and rear, on vehicles running 11.99 or quicker.” (11.99 1/4 mile = 7.60 1/8 mile)

(Posted 03/27/2012)

Question: My racing buddies and I were bench racing and discussing what would happen if on a single run our car crossed the center line of the track.  Would we be disqualified on a single run?

 Lane Jumper Lance

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 2, page 6, Single Runs, it states “In situations where the driver is making a single run, he or she is considered the winner once he or she stages and receives the start signal or is declared the winner by the official starter.  If a competitor crosses the boundary line on a single run, the elapsed time is voided for lane-choice determination”.

(Posted 03/20/2012)

Question: I drive my Dodge Caravan with hand controls since I no longer have use of my legs.  I read an article on a Top Sportsman racer that has a high 6-second, 200 mph car that he drives with hand controls.  I was wondering what requirements I must follow to set up my 10 second Camaro with hand controls.

 Hand Control Hank

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 15, 3:1 Brakes, it states “NHRA-accepted hand controls for the physically challenged permitted.”  I would suggest that the first time you take your car to the track and go to the tech inspection area you ask if numerous tech inspectors would inspect your hand controls and you demonstrate how they work.  When you make your first runs with hand controls it would be a good idea to make single runs so you can take your time, working up to speed, and not hold up another driver.

(Posted 03/13/2012

This week’s TTQ #10 is on the 2012 NHRA Rule Amendment covering window nets.  If you log on to www.nhraracer.com and on the left side click on to Rules,  then on 2012 Rule Book Amendments you can scroll down to see all the rule changes.  I have copied below the window net rule changes that will affect Super Pro and Advanced ET as this will cover most of you.  S/ST, SG, SC, Stock and SS also have window net amendments for full-bodied cars.


A ribbon-type or SFI 27.1 mesh-type window net is mandatory for any full-bodied car running 7.50 (*4.50) to 9.99 (*6.39) or if vehicle runs 135 mph or faster.  See General Regulations 6:3.


An SFI 27.1 ribbon-type or mesh-type window net is mandatory on any full-bodied car running 6.00 (*3.66) to 7.49 (*4.49).  SFI 27.1 window net, when required, must be updated at two-year intervals from the date of manufacture.  See General Regulations 6:3.


An SFI 27.1 ribbon-type or mesh-type window net is mandatory on any full-bodied car running 7.49 (*4.49) or quicker.  For full-bodied cars running 7.50 (*4.50) to 9.99 (*6.39) or if vehicle runs 135 mph or faster a ribbon-type or SFI 27.1 mesh-type window net is mandatory unless otherwise specified by class requirements.  SFI 27.1 window net, when required, must be updated at two-year intervals from the date of manufacture.  



10.00 & slower

ET Bracket

4.50 to 6.39
or over 135 mph

ET Bracket

6.00 (3.66) to 7.49 (4.49) Advanced ET


Window Net



Not Permitted

SFI 27.1


Window Net




SFI 27.1


Window Net




*SFI 27.1 window net must be updated at two-year intervals from the date of manufacture.

(Posted 03/06/2012)

Question: What are the mounting requirements for my SFI 16.1 seat belts in my new 1957 Corvette Street Roadster?

Corvette Carl

Answer: In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 20, 10:5 Drivers Restraint System, all harness sections must be mounted to the frame, crossmember, or reinforced mounting, and installed to limit driver’s body travel both upward and forward.  Seat belts may not be wrapped around lower framerails.

(Posted 02/28/2012)

Question: I have a Chevy S-10 that I’m building to go E.T. Racing at my local NHRA track.  I think it will run in the low 11-second range and I know it will need a roll bar.  It has the original floor and firewall.  My question is can I put the roll bar on 6” X 6” plates welded to the floor?

 Roll Bar Ronnie

Answer: No, all vehicles with OEM frame, such as an S-10 must have 1 ” roll bar welded or bolted to frame; also the installation of frame connectors on unibody cars does not constitute a frame.

(Posted 02/21/2012)

 Drivers Emergency Plan      

    Parts of this article are taken from an article written by track operator and drag racer Royce Miller, Maryland International Dragway

Imagine you are approaching the finish line at a high rate of speed when all of a sudden your motor expires and you have 2 gallons of oil under your tires, and on top of that, a piece of connecting rod cuts a brake line. You push on the brake pedal and there is no stopping this freight train. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?   

Do good drivers act solely from instinct or by the seat of their pants? Do others simply panic because they don't know what to do? After a serious accident there is always the talk about "shoulda, woulda, coulda," and then everyone has an opinion on what happened. But no one really knows how he or she will act in a crisis until they are faced with it.

Drivers need an emergency plan! Regardless of how fast your car or motorcycle is, you need to run through your head the best options to stop your vehicle in all different emergency situations. It is easier to quickly think back on what to do in a situation if you have thought it out previously.

If you have never seen the end of the track you are about to run on it is imperative  before you make a time run, go to the end of the track and look at the surrounding area and study the best plan if you are in an emergency situation. Yes throttles do stick, brakes do fail, and parachutes do not always deploy, and then what is the best thing to do? Thinking about different situations ahead of time will make emergency decisions easier.

If you have a parachute on your car, you should pull it on the first time run of the day to make sure everything is in good working order. You would be very surprised how many parachutes never get out of the pack. They are damp and wrinkled and may not blossom correctly if not properly maintained. Don't hesitate to use your parachute; it is an important piece of safety equipment.

In case of a stuck throttle, always kill the ignition first, then pull your parachute and brake carefully. These are a few points to get you thinking about what to do in your race car in the event of an emergency situation.

(Posted 02/20/2012)

Question: I have a Pro Street style 1964 Chevy II that I drive on the street and would like to take it to my local NHRA Track on their Test & Tune nights.  I have moved the battery to the trunk and was told that I need a battery shutoff on the back of the car.  Is this true?

 Battery Box Billy

Answer: Yes it is.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 4A, E. T. Handicap Racing, page 7, Electrical: 8, Master Cutoff it states “Mandatory on any car with a battery running 9.99 (6.39) or quicker, any car exceeding 135 mph, or on any car where the battery is relocated into the trunk area.”

(Posted 02/14/2012)

Question: I’m finishing up a 10-second E.T. Snowmobile that I will be running at my local NHRA track in Super Pro Bike.  Is it legal to use the original oil injection tank as a fuel tank?

Snowmobile Stu

Answer: Yes it is.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook section 4E  E. T. Snowmobile, page 17, chassis: 4, fuel tank, it states “Oil injection tank may be used as a fuel tank.

(Posted 02/07/2012)

Question: I have purchased a complete Super Gas Willies and wanted to know what basic items I should check for expiration dates before I take it to my local NHRA track for licensing runs?

Wilson’s Willies

Answer: When you go to an NHRA Member Track to do licensing runs the tech inspector will do a tech inspection of your car.  My process is to ask the driver for their NHRA license.  Since you do not have one yet, they should direct you on how to do your licensing runs.  Next, SFI 16.1 seat belts should be within two years of manufacture, SFI 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A and 41.2A helmets, chassis need an NHRA chassis tag within three years of current month and SFI 27.1 window net must be within two years of manufacture.  Other non-dated items will be inspected such as throttle return springs, battery hold downs and shutoff.

(Posted 02/01/2012)

Question: I have a mechanical fuel pump that keeps the bowls of my carburetor full and a return line that takes excess fuel back to the tank.  My racing buddies say that I need a fuel shut off valve in the main fuel line to the carburetor, is this true?

 Fuel Pump Joe,

Answer: Yes it is.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook General Regulations, section 20, page 5, Pumps/Valves it states “Cars equipped with carburetor(s) or non-electronic fuel (EFI) systems but with mechanical non-OEM fuel pumps must have a quick-action fuel shutoff valve within easy reach of driver and located in the main fuel line between fuel tank and carburetor and/or injectors.”.

(Posted 01/24/2012)

Question: Is it legal to run nitrous on my 9 second Super Pro Bike?

 Biker Boy Bradley

Answer: Yes it is.  In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook E.T. Motorcycle, section 4C, page 13 it has all the requirements such as a stamped DOT-1800 pound rated bottle and permanently mounted (no hose clamps or tie wraps).

(Posted 01/18/2012)

Question: Throughout the 2012 NHRA Rulebook in the helmet sections it states that the Snell M2000 and SA2000 helmets and newer are mandatory.  In the General Regulation Section 20, page 41 the chart shows Snell 2000 helmets expired 1/1/2012.  Are Snell M2000 and SA2000 helmets still legal?

 Helmet Harold

Answer: The chart in the General Regulations on NHRA Helmet Expiration Dates is  correct.  Snell M2000 and SA2000 helmets expired on 1/1/2012.  Next week there will be a release of the new 2012 NHRA Rules Amendments that will clarify the expiration of the M2000 and SA2000 helmets

(Posted 01/10/2012)

Question: Have there been any 2012 rule changes for the Jr Dragsters?

 Junior Jack

Answer: You now can go online and view the 2012 NHRA Jr Dragster Rulebook.  Go to www.nhraracer.com .  Just as a side note, this is the 20th Anniversary year for Jr Dragsters

(Posted 01/03/2012)

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