June 30 Submission

Edwards to the Top!

    With the heat index predicted to be in the 110 range and CCD having so many related Weather Issues the decision was made to race as scheduled and that didn’t keep the CCD faithful Racers & Spectators from packing the house.  Walt Edwards has struggle all year just to get his Hot Rod out to the track, but after giving the S/P Racers a 2 month points lead he finds himself in the O’Reilly Winners Circle the first time out and looking to run the leaders down.  Walt of Charleston, IL in his ’02 Dragster got beat early, but bounced back in the finals against Doug Hermann of Decatur, IL in his ’70 Nova.  Doug had been drilling the tree all day long and the finals was no different with his perfect reaction time “.500”, but ran too fast giving Walt his 1st win of the year while “Dyno”Donnie Davis of Charleston, IL in his ‘70 Nova and Denny Katz of Mattoon, IL in his ’04 Dragster were the Semi-Finalist.  In Pro Grant Zimmerman made the trip down from East Peoria, IL worthwhile in his ’79 Mustang as he beat the “Titan” Terry Willard of Mattoon, IL in his ‘80 Camaro.  Terry was fighting a glare on some new LED lights installed causing him to guess at the tree and going red for the loss while Joe Hyde of Lincoln, IL in his ‘68 Camaro was the lone Semi-Finalist.  In Sportsman Sara Cassady of Mattoon, IL in her ‘01 Z-28 took out Tony Lyons of Ashkum, IL in his ’17 Mustang while Jim Treat of Dietrich, IL in his ‘85 Mustang & Ellis V. Buth of Decatur, IL in his trusty ‘96 F-150 were Semi-Finalist.  S/P Bike saw Brian Davis of Whiteheath, IL on his ‘02 Suzuki beat Ken Walker of Kansas, IL on his ’77 Kawasaki.  The Coziahr Harley Drags came to CCD and the baddest & Fastest Harley belonged to Kelly Hefner of Harrisburg, IL while Jim Kennedy from Mattoon, IL was the R/Up.  Novice Street had Jakob Oakley of Charleston, IL the winner driving the Lake Land College School Car for the 2nd week in a row over Kelly Hefner of Springfield, IL.


Upcoming Info
Coles County Dragway USA
Where:  Charleston, IL

 Schedule:    Friday gates open at 5 pm & time runs start at 6 pm
                     Saturday gates open at noon & time runs start at 2 pm

Fast Facts:  Friday is the Paap Printing Friday Fun Night where it’s always just $10 to race or watch along with the Scheid Diesel Drags.  Saturday is the Summit ET Race #13 including S/P, Pro, Sportsman, Street Fighter, True Street, Novice Street, Jr. Dragsters & TnT so come on out and get your need for speed at CCD.  Spectator Admission is $10 (13 & up) & Kids 12 & under Free.  For track information, call (217) 345-7777 or visit their website at www.ccdragway.com.


Race Results Saturday (6/30):

W: Walt Edwards, Charleston, IL ('02 Dragster) 5.182 @ 132.75 mph (5.17 dial)
R/U: Doug Hermann, Decatur, IL ('70 Nova) 6.116 @ 113.66 mph (6.12 dial)
Semi: Denny Katz, Mattoon, IL (‘04 Dragster)
Semi: Donnie Davis ,Charleston, IL (’70 Nova)

W: Grant Zimmerman, East Peoria, IL ('79 Mustang) 6.521 @ 93.96 mph (6.49 dial)
R/U: Terry Willard, Mattoon, IL ('80 Camaro) 7.072 @ 94.96 mph (7.05 dial) Red Light
Semi: Joe Hyde, Lincoln, IL (’68 Camaro)

W: Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL ('01 Z-28) 8.920 @ 78.43mph (8.89 dial)
R/U: Tony Lyons, Ashkum, IL ('17 Mustang) 9.268 @ 76.88 mph (9.26 dial)
Semi: Jim Treat, Dietrich, IL (‘85 Mustang)
Semi: Ellis V. Buth, Decatur, IL (’96 F-150)

S/P Bike
W: Brian Davis, Whiteheath, IL ('02 Suzuki) 5.974 @ 89.14 mph (5.77 dial)
R/U: Ken Walker, Kansas, IL ('77 Kawasaki) 7.650 @ 78.39 mph (7.14 dial)

Coziahr Harley Drags
W: Kelly Hefner, Harrisburg, IL (Harley) 7.080 @ 99.30 mph
R/U: Jim Kennedy, Mattoon, IL (Harley) 8.401 @ 82.89 mph

Novice Street
W: Jakob Oakley, Charleston, IL ('98 Firebird) 8.923 @ 76.94 mph(8.96 dial)
R/U: Clayton Taylor, Springfield, IL ('17 Toyota) 10.802 @ 65.71 mph (10.88 dial)
Semi 1: Bradley Scott, Springfield, IL

Points as of 1 July:

1st – Denny Katz, Mattoon IL. 75 pts
2nd – Bob Paul, Westfield, IL 74 pts

3rd – Eric Willenborg, Dietrich IL. 67 pts  
4th –  John Smiley, Westfield, IL. 66 pts
5th – Sam Zahnd, Champaign, IL. 57 pts

1st   – Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL.  77 pts  
2nd  – Max Lang, Charleston, IL. 66 pts 
3rd  – Chad Isley, Charleston, IL. 59 pts  
4th Tie – Ralph Craig, Charleston, IL 57 pts
4th Tie – Tim Weaver, Oakley, IL 57 pts

1st  – Jim Treat, Dietrich, IL. 88 pts
2nd – Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL. 84 pts
3rd – Katrina Shain, Sullivan, IL. 74 pts
4th  – Gene Horner, St. Joseph, IL. 65 pts
5th  – Jesse Brant, Mattoon

(posted 7/01/2018)

Track and Mailing Address: 4700 West State St, Charleston, IL 61920
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