June 2 & 3 Submission

BP Dominations Continues

Mother Nature just seems as if she just doesn’t want to cooperate with CCD this year with all cold & snowy start to the season and now all the liquid sunshine along with the heat & humidity getting racing in has been a challenge.  The Walt Crabtree Memorial Race is always a time to reflect as the Racers & Spectators packed Coles County Dragway USA to pay Tribute at the 14th Annual Memorial Race.  Pro had 62 entries starting the show with 16 of those being double entered.  On Saturday, when all the Smokey Burnouts and Finish-line excitement was over; their only remained 1 double entry in Chad Lidy while Kelly Edwards had one entry.  Lidy of Effingham, IL in his ‘76 Camaro was a dominating force all day as he marched through the field while not losing either entry and was faced with Edwards of Charleston, IL in her ‘99 Camaro in the Semi’s.  Chad’s and his Hot Rod were in sync all day and nailed the semis with a better reaction time & closer to his dial beating Kelly and forcing to run his self off in Finals taking home both the Win & Runner-Up $1800 purse.  Kelly was the lone semi-finalist while Rick Shofner of Athens, IL (‘67 Firebird), Bill Bosler of Charleston, IL (‘83 Malibu Wagon) and Sara Cassady of Mattoon IL (‘01 Z-28) were the Quarter-Finalist.  In Super Pro Bob Paul of Westfield, IL in his ‘82 S-10 took home the win over Alec Smith of Humboldt, IL in his (‘08 Monden Dragster) Dragster.  Alec had the starting line advantage but ran to quick giving Bob his 2nd  win of the Season while Steve Rogers of Charleston, IL (’84 T-Bird).  In Sportsman, Jesse Brant of Mattoon, IL (’99 Camaro) continues his winning streak with his 3rd win in a row over Larry Lyons of Ornaga, IL (’64 Falcon) while Ellis Buth of Decatur, IL (’90 Mustang) was the lone Semi-Finalist.  In Novice Street Mario Lopez of Charleston, IL (’85 RX-7) defeated Jim Flynn of Charleston, IL (’91 S-10).  Jr. Dragster Racers have been battling it out all year with the “Top 5” racers all within 4 points of each other.  Jesse Fritts of Greenup, IL (’16 American) took home the win over Madison Stewart of Athens, IL (’03 Bos) while Blake Lee of Kansas, IL (‘07 Motivational) and Jace Willenborg of Teutopolis, IL (’96 Gebhardt) were the Semi-Finalist.  In the Ray Evans Consi Race, Meah Scales of Toledo, IL (05 Half Scale) beat Pypehr Cole-Beal of Riverton (’11 Motivational).

Sunday was much cooler and the Hot Rods were flying as Bob Paul continued his domination of the S/Pro category winning his 3rd race of the year.  Matt Chaney of Mattoon, IL (’04 Worthy Dragster) had some technical difficulties on the starting line giving Bob of Westfield, IL in (’82 S-10) the win.  Bob had a near perfect reaction time and would’ve been very hard to beat running near his dial-in while Sam Zahnd of Champaign, IL (’78 Cutlass) was the lone Semi-Finalist.  In Pro Rick Shofner of Athens, IL (’67 Firebird) marched through the field giving him his 1st win of the year at CCD with Tim Flynn of Naperville, IL (‘68 Barracuda) the Runner/Up and Kim Chase of Gibson City, IL (’69 Barracuda) was the lone Semi-Finalist.  Powder Puff enjoyed its 2nd Race of the Year and the 2017 Powder Puff Track Champion, Kelly Edwards of Charleston, IL (‘99 Camaro) continues to lead the pack with her 2nd win of the year over recent Jr. Dragster Champion & Graduate Abby Svoboda of Mt. Zion, IL (’02 Camaro).  In Novice Street Tyler Propsts of Maroa, IL (’16 Fiesta) keeps honing his skills and racking up the “Rookie of the Year” points for another win over Jim Flynn of Charleston, IL (’91 S-10).  Jr. Dragster had Meah Scales of Toledo, IL (‘05 Half Scale) beating Blake “Chief” Lee of Kansas, IL (‘07 Motivational).  The Ray Evans Consi Race had Tanner Spires of Clinton, IN (’18 Half Scale) beating Jesse Fritts of Greenup, IL (’16 American).

 Upcoming Info

Coles County Dragway USA
Where:  Charleston, IL
Schedule:    Friday gates open at 5 pm & time runs start at 6 pm
                    Saturday gates open at noon & time runs start at 2 pm

Fast Facts:  Friday is the Paap Printing Friday Fun Night & Scheid Diesel Drags where it’s always just $10 to race or watch.  Saturday is the Member Track Madness Race with winner of S/P, Pro, Sportsman and CAO running off for the Special Edition Trophy along with Summit ET Race # 9 including S/P, Pro, Sportsman, Clinton All Out & Novice so come on out and get your need for speed at CCD.  Spectator Admission is $10 (13 & up) & Kids 12 & under Free.  For track information, call 217-345-7777 or visit their website at www.ccdragway.com.


Race Results Saturday (6/2):

W: Bob Paul ('82 S-10) 7.451 @ 91.47 mph (7.44 dial)
R/U: Alec Smith ('08 Monden) 4.937 @ 138.98 mph (4.96 dial)
Semi: Steve Rogers (’84 T-Bird)
Semi: John Smiley (‘96 Spitzer)

Pro (Walt Crabtree Memorial)
W: Chad Lidy ('76 Camaro) 6.501 @ 96.81 mph (6.49 dial)
R/U: Chad Lidy ('76 Camaro) 6.494 @ 103.61 mph (6.49 dial)
Semi: Kelly Edwards (‘99 Camaro)
Qtrs: Rick Shofner (‘67 Firebird)
Qtrs: Bill Bosler (‘83 Malibu Wagon)a
Qtrs: Sara Cassady (’01 Camaro)

W: Jesse Brant, Mattoon, IL ('99 Camaro) 8.416 @ 82.71 mph (8.39 dial)
R/U: Larry Lyons, Ornaga, IL ('64 Falcon) 11.625 @ 55.96 mph (11.50 dial)
Semi: Ellis V. Buth, Decatur, IL (‘90 Mustang)

Novice Street
W: Mario Lopez ('85 RX-7) 11.213 @ 62.94 mph (10.78 dial)
R/U: Jim Flynn ('91 S-10) 11.007 @ 50.89 mph (9.90 dial)

Jr. Dragster
W: Jesse Fritts ('16 American) 7.918 @ 78.40 mph (7.90 dial)
R/U: Madison Stewart ('03 Bos) 8.048 @ 80.90 m (8.08 dial)
Semi: Jace Willenborg (‘96 Gebhardt)h
Semi: Blake Lee (’07 Motivational)

Ray Evans Consi
W: Meah Scales ('05 Half Scale) 8.990 @ 68.39 mph (8.90 dial)
R/U: Pypehr Cole-Beal ('11 Motivational) 8.111 @ 75.78 mph (7.96 dial)

Race Results Saturday (6/3):

W: Bob Paul ('82 S-10) 7.403 @ 92.42 mph (7.38 dial)
R/U: Matt Chaney ('04 Worthy) 17.537 @ 44.38 mph (5.46 dial)
Semi: Sam Zahnd (‘78 Cutlass)

W: Rick Shofner ('67 Firebird) 6.053 @ 106.12 mph (5.97 dial)
R/U: Tim Flynn ('68 Barracuda) 6.541 @ 107.41 mph (6.40 dial)
Semi: Kim Chase (‘69 Barracuda)

W: Jimmie Barrett ('85 El Camino) 8.874 @ 74.49 mph (8.87 dial)
R/U: Sara Cassady ('01 Z-28) 8.744 @ 82.74 mph (8.70 dial)
Semi: Katrina Shain (’78 Camaro)
Semi: Blake Hooper (’85 Mustang)

Powder Puff
W: Kelly Edwards ('99 Camaro) 8.480 @ 81.08 mph (8.42 dial)
R/U: Abby Svoboda ('02 Camaro) 8.049 @ 85.41 mph (8.04 dial)

Novice Street
W: Tyler Propsts ('16 Fiesta) 9.977 @ 75.64 mph (9.91 dial)
R/U: Jim Flynn ('91 S-10) 9.747 @ 72.82 mph (9.90 dial)

Jr. Dragster
W: Meah Scales ('05 Half Scale) 8.923 @ 73.20 mph(8.93 dial)
R/U: Blake Lee ('07 Motivational) 7.842 @ 79.78 mph (7.90 dial)
Semi: Dylan Pritchett (’06 Half Scale)
Semi: Jenna Riley (’03 Bos)

Ray Evans Consi
W: Tanner Spires ('18 Half Scale) 7.949 @ 79.35 mph (7.90 dial)
R/U: Jesse Fritts ('16 American) 7.985 @ 79.63 mph (7.90 dial)

Points as of 5 June:


1st – Bob Paul, Westfield, IL 61 pts
2nd – John Smiley, Westfield, IL. 53 pts
3rd – Denny Katz, Mattoon IL. 52 pts
4th - Eric Willenborg, Dietrich IL. 48 pts  
5th – Alec Smith, Humboldt, IL. 47 pts

1st   – Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL.  66 pts  
2nd  – Ralph Craig, Charleston, IL 53 pts
3rd  – Chad Isley, Charleston, IL. 52 pts  
4th  – Max Lang, Charleston, IL. 51 pts 
5th –  Tony Chrisagis, Arcola, IL. 47 pts


1st  – Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL. 60 pts
2nd – Gene Horner, St. Joseph, IL. 56 pts
3rd – Jim Treat, Dietrich, IL. 53 pts    
4th  – Jesse Brant, Mattoon, IL. 51 pts
5th  – Katrina Shain, Sullivan, IL. 50 pts

1st Tie – Jesse Fritts, Greenup, IL. 42 pts  
1st Tie – Blake Lee, Kansas, IL. 42 Pts
3rd – Meah Scales, IL. 41 pts
4th – Kinzer Lee, Kansas, IL. 40 pts
5th - Jace Willenborg, Teutopolis, IL. 38 pts

(posted 6/04/2018)

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