May 12 Submission



Romine = Winning

The weekend started off with the Paap Printing Friday Fun Night & Two Lane Motors Flashlight Start Cash Days with over 195 Racers & Spectators taking advantage of the “$10 to Race or Watch” gate fee and making passes down the famed 1/8 mile. In the Cash Day’s Final it was Jacob Foster in his “Heavy Chevy” ‘70 Monte Carlo beating Clint Albert in his ‘70 Maverick as both drivers battled all the way to the finish of the nostalgic “Flashlight” start.  Friday Fun Nights are just as the name says and is open to anyone with a valid State Drivers License to test their car against the clocks or other racers for just $10. 

While most know Coach Romine as the “Winning” Warriors Football Coach whose success has brought a lot of wins to Tuscola High School, but most don’t know his winning ways also translate onto the Drag Racing Scene.  Andy has been dominate force at CCD for years no matter the Hot Rod he’s behind and this past Saturday was no different at the 4th Summit ET Points race of the season.  Andy in his ‘89 S-10 from Tuscola had one blemish in the 2nd round, but 7 rounds later found himself in a battle with NHRA National Champion Chad Isley in his ‘67 Camaro from Charleston in the Pro Finals with Romine having the better reaction time and taking the stripe for the win with Tim Weaver of Oakley in his ‘68 Chevelle & Parker Zimmerman of Morton in his ‘87 GTA as the Semi-Finalist.  With the win Romine takes over the Pro points lead once again.

In the Super Pro final it was Parker Zimmerman of Morton, IL in his ‘87 GTA beating Denny Katz of Mattoon, IL in his ‘04 Dragster.  Denny had to wait almost 2 seconds with his 4.93 dial-in over Parkers 6.70 dial-in; as he tried running down Parker, but Zimmerman’s .070 starting line advantage was too much for Katz to overcome while John Smiley in his ‘96 Spitzer of Westfield, IL and Bob Paul in his ‘82 S-10 also of Westfield were the Semi-Finalist.  The Sportsman final almost didn’t happen as Katrina Shain of Sullivan, IL in her ‘79 Camaro had transmission issues in the Semi’s, but thanks to some ingenuity of fellow Racer Rob Fisher one vice grip later and Katrina squared off with Nick Harlin of Danville, IL in his ‘01 Trans Am.  Katrina had the starting line advantage, but Nick drove around her running closer to his dial-in for the Sportsman win while Chase Rogers of Mattoon, IL in his ‘05 F250 was the lone Semi-Finalist.  Novice Street Winner was Logan Chaney of Mattoon in his ‘93 Pro beating Seth Newhart of Mattoon in his ‘03 F-250.

Upcoming Info
Coles County Dragway USA
Where:  Charleston, IL

Schedule:    Friday gates open at 5 pm & time runs start at 6 pm

                    Saturday gates open at noon & time runs start at 2 pm

Fast Facts:  Friday is the Paap Printing Friday Fun Night where it’s always just $10 to race or watch.  Saturday is Summit ET Points Race #5 so come on out and get your need for speed at CCD.  Featured Saturday will be Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Bikes, Novice Street, Jr. Dragsters & Test-n-Tune.   Spectator Admission is $10 (13 & up) & Kids 12 & under Free.  For track information, call 217-345-7777 or visit their website at 

Race Results Friday (5/11):
Two Lane Motors Cash Days
W: Jacob Foster ('70 Monte Carlo) 6.496 @ 100.99 mph
R/U: Clint Albert ('70 Maverick) 6.512 @ 99.75 mph

Race Results Saturday (5/12):
Super Pro
W: Parker Zimmerman, Morton, IL ('87 GTA) 6.703 @ 102.09 mph (6.70 dial)
R/U: Denny Katz, Mattoon, IL ('04 Dragster) 4.941 @ 138.06 mph (4.93 dial)
Semi: Bob Paul, Westfield, IL (82 S-10)
Semi: John Smiley, Westfield, IL (96 Spitzer Dragster)

W: Andy Romine, Tuscola, IL ('89 S-10) 6.541 @ 100.65 mph (6.52 dial)
R/U: Chad Isley, Charleston, IL ('67 Camaro) 6.817 @ 98.23 mph (6.81 dial)
Semi: Tim Weaver, Oakley, IL (68 Chevelle)
Semi: Parker Zimmerman, Morton, IL (87 GTA)

W: Nick Harlin, Danville, IL ('01 Trans Am) 8.528 @ 84.11 mph (8.55 dial)
R/U: Katrina Shain, Sullivan, IL ('79 Camaro) 9.036 @ 77.55 mph (9.07 dial)
Semi 1: Chase Rogers, Mattoon, IL (05 F250)

Novice Street
W: Logan Chaney, Mattoon, IL ('93 Probe) 11.251 @ 63.38 ,ph (11.07 dial)
R/U: Seth Newhart, Mattoon, IL ('05 F250) 9.119 @ 76.01 mph (8.80 dial)

Points as of 14 May:

1st – E John Smiley, Westfield, IL. 32 pts
2nd – Eric Willenborg, Dietrich IL. 30 pts  
3rd  Denny Katz, Mattoon IL. 28 pts
4th – Alec Smith, Humboldt, IL. 24 pts
5th – Corey Butler, Bement, IL. 20

1st   Andy Romine, Tuscola, IL. 34 pts
2nd –Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL.  31pts
3rd  Max Lang, Charleston, IL. 28 pts
Rob Fisher, Humboldt, IL. 25 pts 
5th – Chad Isley, Charleston, IL. 24 pts  

1st  Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL. 35 pts
Gene Horner, St. Joseph, IL. 32 pts  
3rd – Jim Treat, Dietrich, IL. 26 pts    
4th  – Nick Harlin, Danville, IL. 23 pts
5th Tie – Katrina Shain, Sullivan, IL. 22 pts
5th Tie – Tony Lyons, Ashkum, IL. 22 pts

1st  – Jesse Fritts, Greenup, IL. 22 pts  
2nd – Kinzer Lee, Kansas, IL. 21 pts
3rd TieJace Willenborg, Teutopolis, IL. 20 pts
4th – Meah Scales, IL. 19 pts

(posted 5/14/2018)

Track and Mailing Address: 4700 West State St, Charleston, IL 61920
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